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Divorce and Family Law for Immigrant Women

“When it comes to family law for immigrant women, I as an female immigrant myself, firmly believe that merely knowing the law does not always fix the family issues for them. Instead, something beyond and above the law must be understood by each family law practitioner.”

Ghazal N Mehrani
Attorney at Law
Family Dispute

Divorce is almost always a traumatic stressful event for a family to endure, but it may be even more painful for immigrant families. The U.S. family law does not distinguish between citizens and immigrants, but the laws of parties’ country of origin, ethnicity of the parties as well as the culture and traditions of their home country may make the divorce process more challenging for immigrants.


Over the past five years, I have noticed that many women immigrants need legal support that involves family law both in the United States and in their home country. Middle Eastern women, in particular, are not fully aware of their rights in the United States and do not know what will happen to their legal status if they separate from their spouse. These female immigrants are also more likely to be bullied by their husband as they are originally from male dominated countries. This process becomes even more complex when the issue of child custody, property division, and/or domestic violence are involved.


Part of my practice focuses on assisting immigrant women particularly women with Iranian descent in their divorce procedure and family law in general both in the United States and Iran. I exclusively represent women and strongly believe in educating female immigrants as much as possible on their divorce process. Whether you need legal representation within Michigan Family Courts or reside in any other states and need expert witness in Iranian family law, I gladly assist you to navigate your way in the unpleasant process of divorce. I also work closely with some of the top Iranian attorneys in Iran who can help you in matters like Mahrieh, property division, and child custody issues in Iran. 

Finally, I take pride in helping my female clients through the second most difficult experiences of their lives (the first one is migrating to America) and am happy that I am able to give them confidence, guidance, reassurance, and representation that they deserve. Empowering my female clients and achieving fair and equitable results for them is always my top priority.

Sincerely yours,

Ghazal N. Mehrani



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