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Foreign investors are continuously contributing to our economic prosperity and growth, by creating new jobs, increasing productivity, transferring innovative technologies, products and services, and of course, know-how as well. There are special non-immigrant (E1, E2) visas and immigrant (EB-5) visa classifications available for foreign national investors. If you think you may qualify for at least one of the categories below, do not hesitate to contact us. Since a foreign investment can be extremely challenging and time-consuming itself, our experienced attorneys can help you find the perfect legal solution to obtain legal status for you in the United States, which will save you a lot of time and energy, and provide you with the opportunity to be able to focus on your business.

“Every cent you own and every moment you spend is always an investment.” 
― Natalie PacePut Your Money Where Your Heart Is: Investment Strategies for Lifetime Wealth from a #1 Wall Street Stock Picker
“If you invest nothing, the reward is worth little.” 
― Richelle E. GoodrichBeing Bold

E-1 Treaty Traders

We provide trusted legal solutions to foreign nationals of “treaty countries” who are coming to the United States with the purpose of engaging in substantial international trade, principally between the United States and their home countries.

E-2 Treaty Investors

The E-2 classification is available for a foreign national of a treaty country who is coming to the United States to invest a substantial amount of capital in an active, bona fide U.S. business, and to direct and develop this enterprise.

EB5 Employment-Based Alien Entrepreneurs

This visa category was created to stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation and capital investment by foreign investors.

This visa category is for a foreign national who invests $1 million in a new enterprise that he/she created or in an existing business that he/she purchased. The amount required is $500,000 if the investment is in a targeted employment area.

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