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If you are a permanent resident who meets the requirements for U.S. citizenship, you may apply for naturalization. Once you apply for naturalization, you are providing the USCIS with the information that if not right or accurate, it may result in the denial of your citizenship or even worse put you in deportation proceedings. Bear in mind that even a small mistake may keep you away from your dream destination. We simply say if your goal is U.S. citizenship, avoid all the common and possible mistakes by consulting with an immigration attorney because your immigration is too important to risk by applying for citizenship blindly.
You may ask our office to do all the work from beginning to the end for you, or to just review your ready-to submit application. Either way, we ensure that you have 100% success in your application.
Contact our office today to learn how we can expedite your citizenship.
We will prepare you for your interview anywhere in the U.S.
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